Runecast Czech Republic s.r.o.
Runecast Czech Republic s.r.o.

O společnosti

We’re a team of entrepreneur-minded professionals and we represent over 20 countries by home base, nationality or other origins. Runecast was founded in 2014 by a team of virtualization professionals with a vision: help IT System Admins get and maintain control of their environments. We're expanding in international company with a relaxed startup vibe. The operational HQ in the second-largest Czech city of Brno supports a global team of professionals, business partners, and customers all over the world.

We're looking for colleagues with the same mindset as theirs - professionals who develop meaningful solutions and solve complex development challenges by thinking outside the box.

We try to make flat hierarchy evident daily, as their founders work among them as 'normal' folks and welcome new ideas from everyone on the team. All our teams are fully functional remotely, or you can meet with some colleagues in Brno offices. Family is the biggest shared value.